Shares trading means buying and selling of companies’ shares, hoping to make a profit. The stock market is more predictable than the international currency market Forex. Trading in shares is now accessible not only to large investors. Today, everyone can make money on changes in the securities value.

While trading in shares, you should keep in mind the following issues:

  • one can trade in the shares of a variety of well-known companies without having to purchase these assets;
  • fluctuations of shares prices can be monitored from any place in the world;
  • by trading in shares using CFDs, you can use leverage and thus maximize your returns.

Prime Stocks offers its clients favorable conditions for trading in shares of the largest international corporations. Our clients get access to the MetaTrader 4 multifunctional trading platform. We also provide 24-hour technical support and the assistance of professional analysts. Other significant advantages of trading with Prime Stocks include:

  • low spreads;
  • prompt executions;
  • leverage of up to 1:100.

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