Oil is one of the primary raw materials traded worldwide as it is the source of various products used in our daily life, such as gasoline, plastics, mineral fertilizers, etc. Natural gas is another important and one of the most demanded sources of energy. Other accessible assets in this field include heating oil, coal, diesel, ethanol, and others.

The energy market is developing rapidly. It is a highly volatile and liquid market, with excellent opportunities for earning. The average daily fluctuations in oil prices are 2-4 times higher than in currency pairs quotes. The number of energy suppliers and consumers is growing; the variety of energy assets offers numerous opportunities for investors. Mind that these products can be physically delivered, for example, when someone purchases a quantity of electricity, he receives it at an agreed date. However, energies trading can be realized through futures or CFD-contracts. In this case, the idea is to get profit from oil and gas price fluctuations without the transferring of assets.

Natural resources are sensitive to political events and natural disasters. It makes the energy market even more volatile but with excellent opportunities for earning profits. Prime Stocks offers the following profitable conditions for trading in energy sources:

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