Account Verification

Prime Stocks makes every effort to ensure the safety of the funds and personal data of its clients. We check all the data carefully when our clients register an account, replenish or withdraw the funds.

To open a trading account, you should provide documents approving your identity and place of residence. The list of the required documents includes:

1. Documents, approving the client’s personality:

  • photo of a valid driving license (the front and the back sides);
  • residence permit or Foreigner Registration Card (the front and the back sides);
  • photo of a valid passport (the two-page spread with the photo) or an identity card (the front and the back sides).

2. Documents, confirming the client’s place of residence:

  • photo of your utility bills (electricity, phones, gas, etc.) over the past thee months;
  • photo of the bank statement, or any other official document, confirming your address valid over the past three months.

Please, provide high-quality photos of the original documents.

Upload the documents